The Terminology Centre (CvT) is active within the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication of Ghent University. The CvT co-ordinates the Departmentís activities on terminology and terminography.

These activities relate to teaching, research and services.



The CvTís staff is drawn from the Departmentís language sections and the language technology section.



The CvT operates as a unit within the research group LT3, the Departmentís Language and Translation Technology Team.  Whereas most other research within LT3 is related to tools development, the CvT focuses on the use of tools for terminology management, term recognition, term extraction etc. and on the manual compilation of termbases.

                                                                                                                          ELeCT available online Ė for free!

Core members


 Els LEFEVER                           (LT3, Head)

 Joost BUYSSCHAERT               (English) (hon. Head)
Bart DEFRANCQ                      (French)

 Petra CAMPE                           (German)

 Carine DE GROOTE                 (Spanish)

 Patricia VANDEN BULCKE        (Spanish)


 Associate members


 Jo HAUTEKIET                         (Russian)

 Sevdag KAYA                          (Turkish)

 Sonia MICHIELS                      (French)

 Sonia VANDEPITTE                  (English)



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