MeSH Termbase Project

The aim of the project is to take the comprehensive medical thesaurus Medical Subject Headings as the starting point for a bilingual termbase (English and Dutch) using the GenTerm method; and to make the data available in an electronic format. Furthermore the project aims to do theoretical research into medical terminology and terminography.

Most of the research is carried out in the framework of MA dissertations. The students who contribute use a uniform record made available by the Department's Terminology Centre (see GenTerm). Research is based on primary as well as secondary sources and also involves medical informants.

In the past, the MeSH Termbase Project has also offered support to the affiliated Farma project, which focused on pharmaceutical terminology . K. Vanopstal's PhD research project into the impact of language skills and system experience on medical information retrieval was also heavily MeSH-centred (PhD defended August 2013).

Demos and screenshots

  • Example of a term record from the MeSH Termbase Project in its original Word format.
  • Example of a few records from the MeSH Termbase Project in mtw-format.
    (Download, then open in Multiterm 5.5 or lower. Not compatible with higher versions. Multiterm 5.5 is a component of Trados Freelance 5.5. Although this version of Multiterm is no longer distributed, some translators have continued to use it).
  • Example of few records from the MeSH Termbase project for use in Multiterm 2009 or higher (sdltb-format).
    (Download, unzip; open in Multiterm 2009 or higher. Not compatible with lower versions of SDL Multiterm).

Screenshot of the interface used in SDL Multiterm (sdltb-format).

Project partners

Joost Buysschaert, Klaar Vanopstal Els Lefever and +Paul Robberecht. French additions: Sonia Michiels.

Medical partner: Robert Vander Stichele, Heymans Institute of Pharmacology, Ghent University.


Non-exclusive licenses on the resulting termbase are negotiable for an annual fee, under strict conditions. Go via the contact page to request information.


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